Fully Electric Telescopic Spreaders for Yard Cranes GHServices

Stinis acknowledged the benefits of fully electric spreaders back in the eighties. The reduction in energy and maintenance cost and the environmental benefits inspired Stinis to come up with the electric design.

Stinis has developed a modular spreader design for yard application that can easily be adapted to your needs. We supply the complete range of both hydraulic and electric yard crane spreaders, ranging from single-lift to twin-lift and Long-Twin® spreaders for containers ranging from 20ft to 45ft. These spreaders can be used under Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes, Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes, as well as under (Automatic) Stacking Cranes.

Key Advantages:

• Based on our strong and long lasting modular Spreader design for Straddle Carriers
• Proven track record under various large Yard Crane suppliers
• Telescopic drive belt instead of chain to reduce noise, weight and maintenance
• Safe and easy access to telescopic drive and components due to mono beam design
• Equipped with Stinis double-collar® twistlocks for double lifetime and safer operations
• Tested and certified in the presence of Lloyds at 150% of the safe working load

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