zaterdag , 22 januari 2022
  • Motorized Magazine Elevator designed, delivered and installed at Autoparts Heining

  • Downstairs, First Floor and Second Floor connected

  • With a loading capacity of 1500 kg

  • Automated Stops

  • First floor

  • Handy Control

  • Safety First

  • Second Floor

  • Magic Box taking care of the management

  • Access to the Huge Magazine

Motorized magazine storage lift

With pride Gilly Harrison presents a tailor made motorized cabin lift, to service his friends at the car-part center. It’s completely self constructed, and fitted into the existing working area. Again we use it with great satisfaction. This tool also is proof of Gilly his creativity to construct and implement solutions, to benefit our relations.

007 - GHServices - Digicolors - 2014-05-30
Magazine lift with capacity of 1500 kg, giving access to two floors

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