• Mobile Pump Station

  • Container build

    Can be build in a 20 or 40 feet container

  • Suitable for two different types of fuel

  • Save access through the roof

  • Topview of construction

  • Pump driven

  • Officially tested & approved

Mobile Pumpstation


With our Mobile Pumpstation you deliver fuel to:


– Anyone


– Anywhere


– Anytime

The system is designed to be operational in areas where there is a lack of facilities to deliver fuel.

People do not need to travel long distances anymore in order to be able to buy their fuel. Within 30 minutes after installation, the pump station service is fully operational. The system works like a regular gas station.

One can easily read the quantity of fuel delivered E.g. per day or week, to make a turnover calculation. Time for Delivery of complete system is three months.

Our revolutionary concept of fuel delivery on the spot has been officialy approved and carries an ISO 9001 certificate, which is recognized by the European authorities. Our mobile fuel system makes it possible to deliver two types of fuel simultaniously: diesel and benzine.

The connection for the fuel supply is located on the roof of the container, which is opened by means of a slot. The container is provided with fire-resistant material. Special extinguishing equipment is available. The operation of the system can be done by one person.

Technical Characteristics: From 5.000 ltr. To 45.000 ltr. Installed in less then 30 minutes. All necessary safety systems. Heat-resistent office. 20 ft. up to 40 ft. container. With sideloader easy to place. Can be build to client specifications. Built-in generator. Optional: Illumination outside. Trailer for 20 or 40 ft container. Air conditioning system.
flyer Mobile Pump Station