Va wakka…! It’s not only Rayman that’s making noise: GHServices just finished a fine twin delivery of Terberg trackers at the Surinam harbour ;-)

Surinam harbor to profit from local companies

…investing in heavy duty equipment to put at work. We are very happy with our latest order of heavy equipment, says mr. Yorks director of the local Surinam transport company KJJ Transport N.V. GHServices just finished the first delivery of two Terberg trackers at the harbor. They were put to work instantly at their arrival, expanding the range and efficiency of Yorks company.

Arrival of first Terberg trackers shipment at ‘Nieuwe Haven’ Surinams main harbor in Paramaribo.
Vers geleverde Terberg@Work op 'Nieuwe Haven' te Suriname
Fresh delivered Terberg@Work at ‘Nieuwe Haven’ in Suriname.

Mr. John Defares commenting: “We’ve come a long way,” Defares, the late General Manager of the Port Management Company since 2009, says. “We have achieved taking the harbor to the next level through working with all parties concerned, never allowing any stagnation and always putting the economy of the country first”. Over the past five years close to US$ 100 million has been invested in the harbor; Defares says another US$ 30 million in further expansion and Suriname’s Port will have consolidated its position of leader in the region.

John Defares, General Manager of the Port Management Company since 2009
John Defares, the late General Manager of the Port Management Company posing at the gateway.
Cranes at Paramaribo harbor 2009.
Cranes at Paramaribo harbor 2009.

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